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    About Rise

    Rise Biopharmaceutical Inc. is a clinical stage oncology company focused on the development of breakthrough anti-cancer drugs. It currently has three promising anti-cancer drugs that have a broad-spectrum of applicability for multiple types of cancers, especially in pancreatic cancers and lung cancers; one is in the process of entering U.S. FDA clinical studies and one in advanced stage of pre-clinical development. Incorporated in Beijing, China and founded five years ago with a specific focus in the area of oncology, it now has become a technology leader in the field of anti-cancer drugs with state of the arts research facilities in Beijing, China and Taiwan.
    An innovative biopharmaceutical company, it not only has a professional R&D team comprises of professionals from different countries with years of expertise in the field of oncology, but it also has a strong management team with expertise in building companies from ground up and to public in Canada, Taiwan, and China. The Company’s focus on cost-efficient business management aimed at innovative anti-cancer drugs, performance, and high profitability has made it a highly anticipated biopharmaceutical company in China.